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For 50 years, the Turkey Trot races have been a local Thanksgiving tradition. On the Saturday before Thanksgiving thousands have toed the line over the years in a spirit of comraderie and competition. It was no different this year, on the event’s golden anniversary.

photo of Dan Weile
photo of Doug Repetti

Two Creek Road Runners doubled their pleasure, running both the 10K and the 5K, and taking age-group honors in so doing.

CRR Dan Weile celebrated his first year in a new age group by winning the 50-54 division in 46:26 in the 10K and placed third in his division in the 5K with a time of 24:09. Ever ready to take on both races was CRR Doug Repetti, who took first place among his peers in each race, topping the 70+ division with a 56:02 10K and the 70-74 division with a 28:11 5K.

photo of Bruce Hubbard
photo of April Anderson

Repetti and CRR Bruce Hubbard and CRR April Anderson were each quoted in the Newark Post story about the event.

Hubbard and Anderson, both in their upper 70s, walked the 5K course, continuing their own tradition of participation in this local moving celebration. Hubbard placed 3rd among the 75-79s, and had there been a parallel division for women in the 5K, the 78-year-old Anderson would have won. As it was, she finished 4th in the 70+ women’s division.