Still classy, still National Class


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Age-grading for us seniors is the big playing-field leveler and often reveals some important clues as to how well some Creek Road Runners are still racing.

On the Saturday before Christmas, at the local White Claw-mas 8K (close metric equivalent to a 5-mile run), there were two standouts among our contingent.

photo of Bruce WeberCRR Bruce Weber and CRR Diane Kukich placed first and second overall (out of 609 runners), respectively, in terms of age grading (scoring based on one’s time relative to the world record at that distance for one’s age). Weber scored an 82.5, and Kukich was close behind with 82.3. That, folks, is what is considered “National Class” (anything in the 80s). The two have been racing consistently with results like this for several years. There was only one other racer at this event who had an age-grading score in this range.

In terms of time, the 58-year-old Weber, a track runner at heart, placed 7th overall and won his 10-year age group in 31:05. The 67-year-old Kukich placed 123rd and took second among her respective age-group peers in 41:10.


Wringing out the old, 21st edition


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“Wring Out the Old, Ring in the New” began inauspiciously 20 years ago on Dec. 31. The 21st running was an interesting one in that there were several ideas of how to run the course among the 12 participants (and two canine entrants).

photo at the start of the 2019 trail run

A fun time was had by all. Two runners (CRR Michael Chajes and CRR Luke Nigro) took part for the first time. This year’s event was organized by CRR Bill Rose and featured refreshments at the end of the run.

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One week from today


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graphic of course map and T-shirt artThe 21st annual “Wring Out the Old, Ring in the New” trail run will take place at the Fair Hill Natural Resources Management Area on Tuesday morning, December 31st, at 9 a.m. beginning at the parking lot at Black Bridge Road and Appleton Rd. (north of the Rt. 273–Appleton Rd. traffic circle in Maryland).

The run is about 4.7 miles; see course map and check out past years’ events. You can expect a good time, with plenty of talking, a wide range of speeds, and simple refreshments afterwards. Email CRR Bill Rose if you have questions.

Thanksgiving week standouts


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photo of Andrew WeberNotably absent from last Saturday’s Turkey Trot races here in Newark was CRR Andrew Weber. That’s because he ran the Philadelphia Marathon on Sunday. The 40-year-old Weber placed 400th overall in a huge field, breaking the 3-hour mark in 2:59:44 and qualifying for the Boston Marathon in the process. Congratulations to him on a major accomplishment in his new age group.

photo of Bill FarquharIn the Rothman Orthopedics 8K (rough metric equivalent of a five-mile race), part of the Philadelphia Marathon Weekend, 52-year-old CRR Bill Farquhar finished in 29:59, 4th in his age group and 122nd overall (out of 4,130 competitors). That’s a six-minute/mile pace for this speedy senior!

On Thanksgiving Day, the annual PNC Bank 10K and 5K races were contested in Wilmington, Del. Two of our, shall we say, more senior runners won their respective age groups, and another captured a third place.

photo of Ann Jornlinphoto of Bruce WeberShort-distance speedster CRR Bruce Weber (no relation to Andrew, except for similar fast-twitch acumen) took care of winning the 55-59 age group in 19:31. An annual racing event for her, CRR Ann Jornlin won the 65-69 age group with a 30:06.

photo of Doug RepettiIn the 10K race, coming off having run both the Turkey Trot 10K and 5K just five days earlier, CRR Doug Repetti captured 3rd among the 65-69s in 52:50.

A week later in Newark, the 68-year-old Repetti took top honors in his age group in the Reindeer Run 5K with a solid 24:41.

Well done, each of you!

Turkey Trot winners


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illustration of turkey with running shoesChilly, but calm, conditions provided a near ideal day for the 47th Annual Turkey Trot 10K and 5K races here in Newark. There were several notables among the Creek Road Runners, as several took age-group awards.

photo of Clark RidgeIn the 10K, CRR Clark Ridge of College Park, Md., placed 4th overall (out of the 195 finishers) and took 1st among the 35-39 men in a fast 36:38. (Yes, the photo at left is one from his college days.)

Competing in his first open 10K ever, CRR Kyle Chappell, of Landenberg, Pa., placed 20th overall and 1st among the 55-59s, clocking in at 43:52. Super debut at this distance! CRR Dan Simmons, visiting from Atascadera, Calif., won the 70-74 age group in 52:43. Coming in just ahead of Simmons was CRR Doug Repetti with a 52:04, taking 3rd among the 65-69s.

photo of Mark DeshonIn the 5K, CRR Mark Deshon led the Creek Road Runners, placing 39th overall (out of 541 finishers) and turning in an inspired 7-min./mile pacing at 21:42, taking 1st place in the 60-64 age group. This is Deshon’s 10th consecutive age-group win, dating back four years to the 2015 Turkey Trot. OK, the jinx is now on!

Remarkably, CRR Doug Repetti doubled his pleasure by exactly halving his 10K time, finishing in 26:02 and taking 2nd place in his age group! Also competing in both races was CRR Dan Simmons (hey, if you’re coming all the way across the country, you might as well run twice), taking 3rd place among the 70-74s with a 38:33.

On the female side, CRR Christine Schultz took third in the 45-49 age group, posting a 28:25 for her 5K.

A word of note here—reminder that, whenever possible, displays gun time, not chip time, traditionalists as we may be. So, occasionally explanations like the following are necessary.

In the case of CRR Doug Ridge (father of Clark), who took 2nd among the 75-79s in 34:05 while running with his grandson, he crossed the line six seconds ahead of CRR Paul Amer, who finished 3rd in the 65-69 age group with a 34:11. However, Amer actually ran the course seven seconds faster than did Ridge, based on their respective chip times.

Anyway, congratulations to all. Now, go have some turkey.