Mother’s Day magic for CRRs


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This weekend saw the Creek Road Runners perform at their collective best during the Delaware Marathon Running Festival.

When one race just isn’t good enough (or apparently long enough), CRR Diane Kukich doubles up. She ran and won the 65-69 age group in the 5K on Saturday evening in 24:47 and then celebrated Mother’s Day by winning the same age group in the Half Marathon in 2:10:21. No doubt her daughter Christine, who also ran both races, was her inspiration, …or is it the other way around?

photo of Andrew Weberphoto of Dan WeileLocal standout and 37-year-old CRR Andrew Weber placed 2nd overall out of 821 finishers in the Half Marathon, with a stellar time of 1:21:27. Wow! CRR Dan Weile cracked the top 20 himself in the Half, running a 1:33:49 and taking 3rd in the 40-44 age group.

photo of Tripp ShentonJust having come off a 3:51:28 finish at the Boston Marathon, CRR Tripp Shenton placed 58th overall in the Half Marathon with a 1:40:18, giving him a 2nd place finish among the 55-59s.

Of particular note was Dimitri Kaliakin (son of CRR Vic Kaliakin), who placed 12th overall out of 328 finishers in the Marathon with a wonderful 3:06:07, a pace of approximately 7:05 per mile for the 26.2-mile distance. Kaliakin placed 2nd in the 20-24 age group.

Creek Road Runners team 2017

CRRs Rose, Farquhar, Weber, and Crispin

In the event where Creek Road Runners have historically shone brightly—the Marathon Relay, two CRR teams placed in the top 10 out of the 92 teams that competed.

The “Creek Road Runners” team smashed its own team record, set last year, by nearly 5 minutes, finishing 3rd overall in 2:48:26, and (by virtue of the winning team being a masters team as well) took top prize in the masters category!

Marathon Relay team finishCRR Bill Rose ran a 44:06 in the first of four 6.55-mile legs. CRR Bruce Weber, despite having encountered some calf cramping and having to walk a bit, finished leg two in a quick 41:16. CRR Keith Crispin, who a week ago ran a 1:04:33 at the Broad Street Ten Miler, finished leg three in 43:08. The fastest and youngest (turns 50 this fall) of the team, CRR Bill Farquhar, who ran 59:54 at Broad Street, sizzled in the final leg with a 39:56!

CRRs Dombroski, Chappell, Brett, and DiIorio

The Creek Road Runners “B” team (a.k.a. “Team UMS”) of CRR Kyle Chappell (46:11), CRR Joe Dombroski (55:23), CRR Bob DiIorio (57:24), and CRR Andrew Brett (47:57) finished in 9th place overall, clocking a combined time of 3:26:55.

Well done, everyone!

Recent awardees


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Congratulations are in order for two Creek Road Runners for recent honors.

photo of Brian AckermanLongtime CRR Brian Ackerman was one of four professors honored this year with the University of Delaware Excellence in Teaching award. The award is based primarily on nominations from current and past students, and winners are selected by the Senate’s Committee on Student and Faculty Honors.

See full story.

photo of Mark DeshonCRR Mark Deshon was recently honored by the City of Newark as one of five recipients of its annual Jefferson Awards for outstanding public service. Deshon was cited for his volunteer work over the years, but his more recent efforts with BikeNewark in particular.

See full story.

Five for 5 and Kukich sets new state mark


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Today’s Five & Wine 5 Mile Run in Newark produced five age-group winners among Creek Road Runners and one new state age-group record.

The most notable age-group winner on the day was CRR Diane Kukich (60-69), who took 77 seconds off the old 65-69 state record by posting a time of 39:41. Just last weekend in Virginia Beach, she came in second in the USATF National Masters 8K Championship race in her age group, which earned her a silver medal, and took away an additional silver for her second-place age-grading score of 85.4 in that same race. (Age grades in the 80-89 range are considered “national class.”) There were 69 women in her age group on the course that day.

photo of Andrew Weberphoto of Dan WeileAmong the other age-group winners were CRR Andrew Weber (30-39), who finished second overall to national-class runner Steve Sinko in 30:06; CRR Dan Weile (40-49), who placed 9th overall in 34:25; CRR Mark Deshon (60-69), who finished 11th overall in 34:47 while competing in his first race in this age group; and photo of Mark Deshonphoto of Theresa CannonCRR Theresa Kauffman (50-59), who ran 43:54.

The only other podium finisher among the group was CRR Ryan German, who posted a 35:06 while finishing 3rd in the 30-39 age group.

Note: Unlike most CRR postings, these are all chip times, because gun times were not made available.

Trail enthusiasts: check it out!


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photo of cover of Trail Creek Series 2017 posterThe 2017 Trail Creek Series is an off-road series of five 5k and 10k races in Delaware and Pennsylvania that Lauri Webber, wife of CRR Brian Bahnson, helps promote through the organization Velo Amis. General information about the series is found at Here’s the schedule, along with links to online registration for each of the five events:

Race 1 – March 4, 2017
Brandywine Red Clay Alliance

Race 2 – March 18, 2017
Beau Biden Foundation

Race 3 – April 22, 2017
Race to Save the World (Enoch Lee Memorial)

Race 4 – May 13, 2017
Stateline Woods Run for Conservation

Race 5 – June 24, 2017
Chasin’ for Chalfin

For more about this series or the organization behind it, contact Velo Amis.

Mind-boggling milestone reached


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photo of Diane Kukich warming upJust as such a streak begins, the milestone arrived without great fanfare but with two key ingredients—desire and resolve.

CRR Diane Kukich had given some serious thought to what the appropriate workout might look like to mark her 10,000th consecutive day of some form of sustained physical activity. Why not do 10,000m? OK, but not an ordinary 10K run. After all, it’s 6 a.m. on a brisk January morning. How about a triathlon of sorts? That’s it, she thought.

photo of Diane Kukich rowingWhether walking, running, spinning, rowing, or swimming, Kukich has exercised every day now for some 27 years and four months. So, today Kukich celebrated her mind-boggling milestone with 2K on the rowing machine, 3K on the stationery bicycle (both just warmups), and a 5K run in the pre-dawn light.

Kukich, a writer at the University of Delaware, has exercised regularly since before her children were born; however, the streak of consecutive days officially began after a brief respite that followed the birth of her youngest child, Christine, way back in 1989.

photo of Diane Kukich cyclingInterestingly enough, Kukich was about ten years into the streak when CRR Mark Deshon talked her into running, having seen that she was taking home hardware for walking in local races, week in and week out. She immediately became an age-group competitor in running shoes and, since then, has mixed in running with other forms of aerobic workouts.

Kukich is the current state record holder in the 50-54 age group for the 20K distance, a record she set in 2002. With respect to near-term aspirations, she has her eye on both the 5K and 5-mile state records in the 65-69 age group. She turns 65 next month.

photo of Diane Kukich runningOne would say that Kukich is certainly in the top tenth of a percent of all humans when it comes to this kind of fitness regimen, but Creek Road Runners would simply say she’s in a class of her own.

Deshon was there early to document Kukich’s milestone, and though he’s not normally an early riser, he knows that all it took for him to be there were the same two ingredients Kukich demonstrates each day.

Congratulations, Diane Kukich on your amazing display of desire and resolve!