CRRs shine in annual Turkey Trot


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In the second longest running race in Delaware, four Creek Road Runners collected age group awards in Newark on Saturday, November 20, either in the 10K or the 5K…

photo of Doug Repetti

…or both in CRR Doug Repetti’s case! He did what we’ll call “the Repetti” by winning his age group in each of the two races. In the earlier 10K, he ran a 56:08, taking first in the over-70 division and finishing 54th out of 99 competitors. Then he ran the 5K in 27:19, winning the 70-74 age group.

photo of Bill Farquhar

While not winning his age group, the fastest Creek Road Runner on the day was CRR Bill Farquhar, who did manage to take a 2nd among the 50-54s, finishing 17th overall out of 409 5K finishers in a very solid 20:38. Farquhar doesn’t compete in many Newark races, so it was good to see him out there representing our crew.

CRR Diane Kukich won her 65-69 age group in the 5K with a time of 25:49. Despite winning her age group, Kukich merely took 3rd among her own family, as son Alex and daughter Christine, visiting from Baltimore, finished ahead of her. Then again, she’s several years their senior!

77-year-old running veteran CRR Doug Ridge also took home some 5K hardware, winning the 75-79 age group in 29:50.

Congratulations to all.

Note: Times mentioned were chip times (gun times unavailable).

Results from the Delaware Distance Classic


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On Sunday, Oct. 24, the Pike Creek Valley Running Club continued a long-standing tradition by putting on its signature 15K Delaware Distance Classic (DDC) event. Three Creek Road Runners ran in the 15K.

photo of Bill Rose

CRR Bill Rose finished the 9.3-mile course emanating from the Wilmington Riverfront in 1:07:14, coming in 42nd overall out of 141 runners and placing third among the 60-64 men, only a minute behind area standout and age-group peer Greg Cauller.

photo of Jim Bray running the 2021 Delaware Distance Classic

Taking second place among the 70-74s was 70-year-old CRR Doug Repetti, who completed the course in 1:22:06, placing 83rd overall.

In a rare local race appearance, triathlete CRR Bob Opila finished 95th in 1:26:00.

Pictured here sporting his circa 1990s CRR team shirt during the 5K DDC race is CRR Jim Bray, a former Delaware high school mile-record holder. He finished 29th overall and 2nd in the 60-69 age group in 31:43, demonstrating that he can still have some fun racing, even though he’s lost a little speed since high school (who hasn’t?).

Surviving a tough 3-race week


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Last week, CRR Bruce Weber ran in three competitions, all quite different from one another.

photo of Bruce Weber

On Sunday, Oct. 17, representing the Greater Philadelphia Track Club (GPTC), Weber ran the National Masters 5K Cross Country race in Boston’s Franklin Park. He finished second among his GPTC team and 11th overall nationally among the 60-and-overs with a 20:37. His GPTC team finished third in the 60+ age division.

That Wednesday, Oct. 20, Weber ran a 19:45 and won his age group in the UD Blue Hens Homecoming 5K (see previous article for detail).

Weber ended his busy week on Saturday, Oct. 23, by running in the Ghosts of Granogue 5-mile trail run—a tough local cross-country course—finishing third overall and taking first in his 60-69 age group in 39:49.

Weber’s comment on this three-race effort was, “Not to be repeated any time soon.”

Whew! Time now to recover.

CRRs bringing it home!


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On Wednesday, Oct. 20, the University of Delaware held its annual Blue Hens Homecoming 5K. Several Creek Road Runners took advantage of this local race, which is a parking-lot-and-dirt-path course on the Ag & Athletics campus.

photo of Andrew Weber
photo of Luke Nigro

Winning the race was 41-year-old CRR Andrew Weber, the younger of our fast-Webers duo, in 17:37. He had competition from another runner in his age group but won by a comfortable 15 seconds. Coming in third overall and taking first in the 20-29 age group was CRR Luke Nigro with a time of 18:14. Placing 12th overall and winning the 60-69 age group was 60-year-old CRR Bruce Weber. The elder Weber’s finishing time of 19:45 gave him an age-grade score of 80.3, which is considered “national class.” Congratulations to these three standouts.

Creek Road Runners took all three places in the men’s 60-69s. Placing second in that age group was CRR Bill Rose, who finished 18th overall in 21:03. Triathlete CRR Steve Tague placed 3rd among his age-group peers and 29th overall in 22:06.

photo of Flora Poindexter

Our lone female competitor was CRR Flora Poindexter, who finished second among the 60-69s (strong age group!) in 34:22.

Other Creek Road Runners finishers included CRR Dave Schultz (24:19), CRR Joe Dombroski (28:43), and CRR Shawn Alexander (29:06).

Edwards honored



photo of Dave Edwards

CRR Dave Edwards, professor of kinesiology and applied physiology at the University of Delaware, has been inducted into the National Academy of Kinesiology. His area of expertise deals with the effects disease and other factors, such as diet and exercise, have on vascular physiology. He is currently the principal investigator on a National Institutes of Health grant and is consistently published in leading physiology and clinical journals. He also started a Renal Rehabilitation Program to serve patients with kidney disease.

His department chair says, “Dave Edwards is an outstanding scientist who has contributed seminal research to understanding the physiology of exercise…. It is a well-deserved honor to be inducted into the National Academy.”

Creek Road Runners add our collective congratulations too!