Record turnout at 16th annual trail run

title photo - Wring Out the Old, Ring in the New - 2014

Despite cold temperatures, the sun was shining and the footing ideal for a event-record number of participants—24 hearty souls and one ready-for-a-long-run canine.

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This year was highlighted by, count ’em, 11 women—coming out in force to share this unique New Year’s Eve day experience for themselves—and a special appearance by self-appointed CEO CRR Matt Robinson. Special thanks to photographer Doug Baker, husband of CRR Diane Kukich, for taking so many good photos (sorry we only had room for a few).

photo of participants in the 16th Annual “Wring Out the Old, Ring in the New” trail run

front row: Toby the dog, Kathy Corbitt (the “two”), Patrick Robinson, Rachel Strickland, Lawson Schultz (the “zero”), Christine Schultz, Diane Kukich, Bill Rose (the “one”), Bob Bennett, Becky George, and Mark Deshon; back row: Thomas Schumacher, Katie Holden, Dave Schultz, Mike Shay, Bob Opila, Jordan Deshon, Vic Kaliakin, Bruce Hubbard, Charlie Riordan, Beverly Jackey, Sue Barton, Emily Barton, Deanna Pillarelli, and Matt Robinson (the “five”).

photo of Jordan Deshon and Mike Shay

Jordan Deshon and Mike Shay each claim victory in the 16th edition of this event

Toby was ready. Were it not for at least one nature break along the way, CRR Thomas Schumacher’s dog might very well have finished in the top five. But who’s counting. Everyone seemed to have a good time, even the four who enjoyed taking the big shortcut, making the 7.5km loop into a simpler 2.5-mile run (no wonder Matt looked so fresh at the end).

photo of Bob Bennett and Bill Rose

Bob Bennett shares the road (albeit the shortcut) with Bill Rose

After the ceremonial photo, all set out to try to get warmed up. As anticipated, the line of 24 runners spread out quickly. CRR Mike Shay and CRR Jordan Deshon led the way, engaging in physics-laden conversation, followed closely by CRR Dave Schultz.

photo of Matt and Patrick Robinson

Matt Robinson escorts son Patrick to the finish, completing 2.5 miles

Coming off a successful XC run at the 2014 Club Nationals a few weeks ago, Diane got off to a strong start, not far behind CRR Charlie Riordan. CRR Mark Deshon made an early bid to make up some ground and joined Charlie as they entered the woods by the creek.

Dave lost a bit of momentum after topping out on the big hill, and Mark, having slowly pulled away from Charlie on the hill, finished strong, passing Dave in the last half mile.

One by one, or in twos in some cases, runners completed the loop in good shape, without any of the wrong turns that were taken last year.

Last, but certainly not least, was CRR Bruce Hubbard, who has just about completed his 70th year. In a few weeks he’ll be in a new age-group, in which he’ll likely be pretty competitive.

> More finishing photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14

Mark presented Matt with a complimentary event shirt for finally showing up, six years after the shirt was produced. Matt went on to explain successorship as self-appointed CEO of the Creek Road Runners, saying, “We use the North Korean model. I will eventually pass this title on to Patrick,” his son.

photo of Doug Baker

Photographer Doug Baker documents the event, despite having to shoot into the sun

Matt’s most important act as CEO was to draw the name of the winner of the random T-shirt giveaway, among the ten “Wring Out the Old” newbies eligible. Upon having her name called, CRR Beverly Jackey received a long-sleeved Creek Road Runners T-shirt from Mark and thus became an official member of the group, with all the rights and privileges thereunto.

This year’s run had more of a family feel than ever, as there were two father-son combos—the Deshons and Robinsons—and two mother-daughter pairs—the Schultzes (with father too) and Bartons.

Charlie runs on Dunkin’At the finish, participants enjoyed the event’s legendary Munchkins™, a couple bottles of sparkling cider, some baked goods, and orange juice, courtesy of Charlie, Mark, and the Schultz family.

It’s amazing how this event has grown from the four “Millennium Men” who began this annual run back in 1999. Maybe next year, even more will come out and enjoy the fun (long hill notwithstanding).

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