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The archive comprises old photos of individual Creek Road Runners and groups. Enjoy. (Note: Most links are to PDFs and will appear in a separate window.)

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photo of CRR participants in 2010 Blue Hen 5K

June 5, 2010, at least these 17 Creek Road Runners made it for the group photo after the Blue Hen 5K. Kneeling are Bill Rose (5h overall), Mark Deshon (8th overall), Diane Kukich, and Tripp Shenton. Still standing are J.J. Davis, Shannon Lennon-Edwards (and cute daughter), Chris Knight, Liz Fellows (who came back from Hong Kong), David Brond, Bob Taggart, Bob Bennett, Paul Amer, Bob Opila, Tom Apple (9th overall), Steve Goodwin (trying to hide ’cause he didn’t register as a Creek Road Runner), Julie Brewer, and John Bishop. (photo by Doug Baker)

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