Bridge over White Clay Creek

Bridges have increased choices while running along Creek Road. Now you can begin some new adventures in loop running, across to the east side of the National Wild & Scenic White Clay Creek. Begin your journey here, entering the trail about 1.5 miles north of Newark along Creek Road. You can’t miss the bright yellow vehicle stopper.

photo of entrance to trail off Creek Road

This new bridge crosses White Clay Creek at a bend in the river, following the path of the old Pomeroy Railroad. The trail on the east side is smoothed soil and gravel, ideal for running, except in the wettest conditions. You can follow the eastside trail all the way to Hopkins Road if you’d like, or for a shorter loop cross back over another bridge and back to the west side of the creek just lest than a mile from this bridge.

photo looking north from the beginning of bridge

Another bright yellow vehicle stopper marks the eastern end of the span. The trail from there is wide, flat, and relatively soft on the feet. Now, finally, one can see a view looking west at the bridge and the new road fencing that was done to beautify the area. Speaking of cosmetics…

photos of eastside trail looking north and bridge from east side of creek

…the stonework that took so long to complete is shown up close in this view of the bridge’s eastern foundation. The nice split-rail fencing along Creek Road is a welcome change from the all the construction mess that we were used to seeing along this portion of the road. You can see the bridge-approach trail a few feet below and to the right.

photos of east and west side cosmetics

Enjoy this amenity. It’s another strong reason why the best running in Newark is found along Creek Road!

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