23rd Wring Out the Old, Ring in the New

Thirteen runners find their own way through the fog.

photo of the group of participants
Saluting the new year 2023 were Wring Out the Old, Ring in the New participants (from left) Elise Edwards (the two), Dave Edwards, Shannon Lennon-Edwards (the zero), Bruce Hubbard, Vic Kaliakin, April Anderson, Doug Repetti, Bill Rose (the other two), Greg Cauller, Dave Wiechecki, Keith Crispin, Sue Barton (the three), and Mark Deshon.

An unusually mild and damp New Year’s Eve morning greeted the runners with thick fog on this, the second Wring Out the Old, Ring in the New trail run since the pandemic struck.

photo of Bill with donut
Event organizer Bill Rose brought the post-run goods.

Organizer and CRR Bill Rose had invited some fast senior guests—Greg Cauller and Dave Wiechecki—to heat up the 4.67-mile course for the others.

photo of April
April Anderson shows off the post-run refreshment station.

However, a lot of “audibles” were called among the field of 13 runners (i.e., runners inventing their own routes). While no one was calling out “Omaha, Omaha,” this made for several stops and starts, but a lot of general fun for everyone.

photo of Greg and Dave
Run leaders Greg Cauller and Dave Wiechecki hit the finish line for the second time.

Cauller, Wiechecki, and CRR Keith Crispin led the pack out over the initial two miles. When they got to the “T” along the Big Elk Creek at the covered bridge, they went right and right again, heading north on the other side of the creek. CRR Mark Deshon saw them from across the creek and suggested they turn around and get back on the course.

While Cauller and Wiechecki did so and quickly caught up with Deshon, Crispin hung back to run with CRR Shannon Lennon-Edwards, CRR Dave Edwards, and their daughter, Elise. He ran with them the rest of the way.

photo of Keith, Dave, Elise, and Shannon
Keith Crispin (left) shepherds Dave Edwards, Elise, and Shannon Lennon-Edwards to the finish.

The two fast runners stopped again at the critical right-hand turn, wondering if Crispin would catch up. They soon gave up waiting, started downhill, and caught up with Deshon, passing him yet again at the base of the big hill and putting major distance on him for the rest of the course. Just as he was about to finish the 7.5km loop, Deshon saw the two heading out on another trail for a cool down run.

photo of Doug and Bill
Doug Repetti and Bill Rose wave to those who were waiting at the end of the line.

Once back at the parking lot, Deshon met up with CRR April Anderson, CRR Bruce Hubbard, CRR Sue Barton, and an injury-plagued CRR Vic Kaliakin, who had each taken shortcuts of one kind or another. Barton, a triathlete and crossfit specialist, admitted she had made a wrong turn, so she headed out again onto the trail in the southerly direction to try to recoup some of the course distance (remember, actual mileage may vary).

photo of Sue and Vic
No doubt Sue Barton gets some tips on future course navigation from event veteran Vic Kaliakin.

Ever the gracious host, Rose ran with CRR Doug Repetti, who completed the entire loop for the second consecutive year.

photo of several participants
Thanks to Bill Rose (center) everyone had a good time after the run.
photo of Greg, Keith, and Dave
Three, well, at least one, tired runner took a well-deserved post-run load off.

Everyone finally found their way back and enjoyed a nice spread of apple cider and donuts (Dunkin’, of course—“official” annual Fair Hill trail run sponsor), making a nice “goodbye” to 2022 and wishing one another a happy new year.

From us to all of you, happy 2023.