Good times highlight 20th annual event

Since this is not a timed event, what we’re talking about is that everyone seemed to have a good time at this, the 20th annual “Wring Out the Old, Ring in the New” trail run. The event boasted 19 participants,… if you include the three canines, one biker, and a photographer.

A few were sporting the 10th-anniversary black shirts imprinted with course map; many others chose to wear their new 20th-anniversary event shirts.

photo of the group of participants

An injured Rachel Strickland (who acted as course marshal), Katie Holden, April Anderson, Bruce Hubbard, Jordan Deshon (the “2”), Bill Rose, Lawson Schultz (the “0”), David Coker, Amy Shay, Allison Rose (the “1”), Charlie Riordan, Kimberly Riordan (showing “9” gloved fingers), Steve Goodwin, Christine Schultz, and Mark Deshon salute the advent of 2019.

photo of Doug Baker, event photographer

Doug Baker, event photographer (photo by Amy Shay)

Gender equality was finally achieved with eight women and eight men this year, certainly a record for the number of female runners (7). Never had there been as many dogs running the loop as this year either, not counting those who may have been “dogging” the course—you know who you are, CRR Bill Rose.

A big shout out to Doug Baker (husband of CRR Diane Kukich) for photojournalizing the event.

The weather was crisp, but there was a delightful absence of wind (unlike last year), and everyone seemed to have a good time. Here’s the story….

photo of runners heading uphill

Runners head out on the initial upgrade.

Up the hill we started in two groups, the second group—CRR Bruce Hubbard, CRR April Anderson, and CRR Amy Shay—obviously plotting early to take the shortcut.

photo of Mark Deshon

Mark Deshon, happy to be finishing another annual trail run

The lead group stayed pretty much together until the first big downhill to creek level, where CRR Mark Deshon and Rose, tethered to Bandit (one of two Schultz dogs out for a good 7.5km jog) began moving ahead. It became clear to Deshon that Rose and Bandit were merely toying with the pace, dropping back occasionally to touch base with other runners rather than taking the lead and running the quicker pace they could have run.

photo of April and Amy

April Anderson and Amy Shay

Anderson, Shay, and Hubbard did indeed take the shortcut back, showing up ahead of anyone else.

CRR Rachel Strickland, not running because of a foot ailment, rode her bike to Fair Hill, moved ahead on the course, and made sure everyone made the appropriate turns along the way, which was appreciated by Deshon, the event organizer. Strickland even took photos (click on links below) of several runners slogging up the big, and what turned out to be muddy, hill. Deshon and Rose summited first, Rose stopping to chat with Rachel, leaving Deshon to a solo last mile or so and finish.

Bill Rose (with Bandit) and Mark DeshonKimberly Riordan and Allison RoseCharlie Riordan and David CokerJordan Deshon and Steve Goodwin | Lawson Schultz

photo of Kimberly Riordan, Allison Rose, and Bill Rose (with Bandit)

Kimberly Riordan, Allison Rose, and Bill Rose follow Bandit

Rose continued on with his daughter, Allison Rose, and Kimberly Riordan, the three finishing together, albeit a full body length behind Bandit. CRR Katie Holden and CRR Charlie Riordan followed.

photo of Katie Holden and pal Riley

Katie Holden and pal, Riley, finish

photo of Charlie Riordan

Charlie Riordan makes it through another annual trail run

Having just crested the big hill, CRR David Coker needed some assistance to find something important that apparently had fallen out of his pocket. So, CRR Jordan Deshon and CRR Steve Goodwin stopped to help out, allowing Lawson Schultz to move ahead. Zippered pockets, David.

photo of Lawson Schultz and Jordan Deshon

Happy, young and fit, Lawson Schultz and Jordan Deshon complete the run

Of course, after that, Jordan had to try to catch up with Lawson, did, and then accompanied her to the finish.

photo of David Coker and Steve Goodwin

David Coker keeps Steve Goodwin company down the stretch

After Coker and Goodwin finished, Rose retreated back up the trail with Bandit to help CRR Christine Schultz finish her run.

photo of Christine and Bill with dogs

Christine Schultz (with Dakota) and Bill Rose (with Bandit)

Once everyone had finished, Deshon broke out the bubbly and the Dunkin’ Donut holes that Riordan had brought (“Charlie runs on Dunkin’”). There was a lot of conversation and celebrating—relieved that the weather had held up nicely and that all had made it through another trail loop here at Fair Hill, thus putting an exclamation mark on the end of 2018.

photo of the group after the run

The aftermath of the trail run

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