Mind-boggling milestone reached


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photo of Diane Kukich warming upJust as such a streak begins, the milestone arrived without great fanfare but with two key ingredients—desire and resolve.

CRR Diane Kukich had given some serious thought to what the appropriate workout might look like to mark her 10,000th consecutive day of some form of sustained physical activity. Why not do 10,000m? OK, but not an ordinary 10K run. After all, it’s 6 a.m. on a brisk January morning. How about a triathlon of sorts? That’s it, she thought.

photo of Diane Kukich rowingWhether walking, running, spinning, rowing, or swimming, Kukich has exercised every day now for some 27 years and four months. So, today Kukich celebrated her mind-boggling milestone with 2K on the rowing machine, 3K on the stationery bicycle (both just warmups), and a 5K run in the pre-dawn light.

Kukich, a writer at the University of Delaware, has exercised regularly since before her children were born; however, the streak of consecutive days officially began after a brief respite that followed the birth of her youngest child, Christine, way back in 1989.

photo of Diane Kukich cyclingInterestingly enough, Kukich was about ten years into the streak when CRR Mark Deshon talked her into running, having seen that she was taking home hardware for walking in local races, week in and week out. She immediately became an age-group competitor in running shoes and, since then, has mixed in running with other forms of aerobic workouts.

Kukich is the current state record holder in the 50-54 age group for the 20K distance, a record she set in 2002. With respect to near-term aspirations, she has her eye on both the 5K and 5-mile state records in the 65-69 age group. She turns 65 next month.

photo of Diane Kukich runningOne would say that Kukich is certainly in the top tenth of a percent of all humans when it comes to this kind of fitness regimen, but Creek Road Runners would simply say she’s in a class of her own.

Deshon was there early to document Kukich’s milestone, and though he’s not normally an early riser, he knows that all it took for him to be there were the same two ingredients Kukich demonstrates each day.

Congratulations, Diane Kukich on your amazing display of desire and resolve!

Recap of 18th annual “Wring Out the Old”


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photo of Mike Shay and Mark Deshon

Organizer and CRR Mark Deshon is having some cause for concern that the current course is too difficult to follow, something he’d never really given much credence to before today. What with many opting to cut the loop course short for one reason or another and several “newbies” participating each year, we may need to come up with a fool-proof system for ensuring the integrity of the “Wring Out the Old, Ring in the New” trail run. The purpose was achieved, however—that is, to have fun!

Sporting the course map shirts, CRR Mike Shay (left) listens as Deshon gives some pre-event tips—like don’t get lost.

See this year’s story.

Along the way


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Nearing year’s end, here are a couple notes from headquarters.


photo of Bob Bennett at the Arc Corner MonumentCreek Road Runners co-founder CRR Bob Bennett turned 75 on Sunday, Dec. 18. Several old friends (all Creek Road Runners themselves) gathered at a celebratory lunch for him this week. Though he isn’t getting out to run on Creek Road much anymore, he does take advantage of the James F. Hall Trail and an occasional hike with the Wilmington Trail Club. Pictured here is Bennett at the Arc Corner Monument in White Clay Creek State Park on a recent walk with CRR Mark Deshon.


photo of Mark Deshon and David JamesCRR Mark Deshon was getting ready for a workout recently, having just parked at the foot of Wedgewood Road. He had just stepped out of his car when, coming toward him on Creek Road, he spotted CRR David James. James (pictured, right), who still holds state records in the 10K and 10-mile distances for the 55-59 age group, had been off the racing circuit for the past several years, having suffered from severe bouts of vertigo, but is back out on Creek Road again. Deshon ran with him for a while that day, catching up with an old friend and one-time racing nemesis.


The annual Creek Road Runners “Wring Out the Old, Ring in the New” trail run will take place on Dec. 31.

A big loss for the running community



photo of Doug White

photo of Doug White by Lee Kauffman

Though not officially a Creek Road Runner, area running icon Doug White had no doubt put in several trips up and down our hallowed home course. White, who is a veteran of more than 80 marathons, including 43 consecutive Boston Marathons, died yesterday of a brain hemorrhage he suffered on Monday.

Creek Road Runners co-founders CRR Bob Bennett and CRR Mark Deshon remember those heady days in the 80s when competition with Doug White in local races was fierce but friendly. Bennett recalls the 1980 Turkey Trot 10K in Newark, when he passed both White and Deshon on the final straightaway for his 34:01 PR on that course at age 39, the only time he ever bested White. Deshon fondly remembers shadowing White along Montchanin Road at age 29 during the 1986 Caesar Rodney Half Marathon, on his way to a 1:15:02 time on the old course. White was a long-term member of the Pike Creek Valley Running Club and a 2011 inductee of the Delaware Sports Hall of Fame.

photo of votive candleSee story in the News Journal for wonderful bio and funeral information.

We pay tribute here to a great runner and a wonderful Delaware ambassador for running. May he rest in peace and his family gain solace from the outpouring of love from the Delaware running community.

Riordan will shine


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photo of Charlie RiordanCharlie runs on Dunkin’Congratulations to CRR Charlie Riordan who was just appointed Vice President for Research, Scholarship and Innovation at the University of Delaware. These three areas certainly cover a lot of ground on campus. We know that Charlie will shine; the question is… Will he still run? Could depend a lot on corporate sponsorship (see image at right), although with his new position, we imagine a bit of a bump in that category too. See you on Creek Road, Charlie.