CRRs take 3 firsts and a second


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photo of Andrew Weber
photo of Bill Rose and Bruce Weber with YoUDee
Celebrating with YoUDee are 60-69 age-group awardees (on the right) Bill Rose and Bruce Weber.
photo of Bruce Weber

Once again, the CRR duo of unrelated Webers shone in a local race. In the annual UD Homecoming 5K, CRR Andrew Weber and CRR Bruce Weber both finished in the top six, the aforementioned (Andrew) winning the race outright in a stellar 17:19 and the latter (Bruce) placing 6th and winning the 60-69 age group in 19:19. Bruce’s age grade of 82.9 (which is considered “national class”) for this race was the highest of all the participants.

photo of Susan Barton
photo of Bill Rose

Triathlete CRR Sue Barton won the 60-69 women’s division in 35:29. CRR Bill Rose finished second in the men’s 60-69s, placing 20th overall in 21:12.

New CRR dean at UD


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photo of Bill Farquhar
photo of Bruce Weber and Bill Farquhar after the race

CRR Bill Farquhar has been named the new Dean of the College of Health Sciences at the University of Delaware, effective on November 1. Farquhar follows in a growing line of Creek Road Runners who have assumed high-ranking positions within the academic leadership of the First State’s flagship educational institution. With Farquhar’s new position, two of UD’s colleges will be led by Creek Road Runners, the other being CRR Bruce Weber, current Dean of the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics.

These two academic leaders are also fast. Both were regulars in the teams that Creek Road Runners fielded in recent years past in the Delaware 4-Person Marathon Relay, including its winning marathon relay team in 2018.

CRR Eric Jacobson insists that this is “more evidence that UD leadership considers CRR membership and 5K times when selecting deans and [other high-level administrative positions].”

photo of Charlie Riordan
photo of Tom Apple

Other UD leaders among Creek Road Runners have included CRR Charlie Riordan (former Vice President of Research, Scholarship and Innovation) and CRR Tom Apple (former Provost), both of whom were on the chemistry faculty.

“Bill Farquhar is the ideal person to build on the College of Health Sciences’ momentum and strong reputation as we develop new opportunities and innovations,” said UD president Dennis Assanis. ”A nationally respected researcher and scholar, he also brings a deep knowledge of our college and our University that will serve him well in this important role.”

From 2011-17, Farquhar served as chairperson of the College of Health Sciences’ Department of Kinesiology and Applied Physiology. A fellow of the National Academy of Kinesiology and fellow and vice president of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), he also served on the Board of Directors of the Federation of the American Societies for Experimental Biology and co-chaired ACSM’s World Congress on the Basic Science of Exercise and Vascular Health.

Congratulations from the global CRR community!

> See UD article on Farquhar being named dean

Webers brave wind in Main St. Mile



Main Street Mile race logo

Our two Webers (no relation), CRR Andrew Weber and CRR Bruce Weber each ended up with a top-ten finish in this year’s edition of Newark’s annual Main Street Mile, a straight-out dash from the east end of East Main Street to the Deer Park.

photo of Andrew Weber
photo of Bruce Weber

Andrew, the younger and faster Weber, was the top masters runner, finishing 5th overall in 5:07.5. Bruce, the elder Weber, came in 10th overall and won the 60-69 age group in 5:37.4. Conditions may not have been the best for these two speedsters, but they came through nevertheless.

photo of CRR results of 1986 Main Street Mile

For you nostalgia freaks, check out the results of the initial Main Street Mile, held way back in 1986. Yes, several Creek Road Runners were doing their thing back then, and the competition level was of a higher caliber than what it is today, though there are definitely more people who are running in 2022. Click on the image for a close-up view and note the results from the eight CRR participants.

We were all younger and faster back then.

photo of Bill Rose

In another event, held back on September 18, CRR Bruce Weber and CRR Bill Rose finished 7th and 11th overall, respectively, in the Ramsey’s Farm 8.3-mile trail race. Weber’s time was 1:04:56, and Rose’s was 1:11.37. They took 1st and 2nd in the 60-69 age group.

Watch Sam run…,



…run, Sam, run.

Here’s a video of CRR Sam Parsons displaying his speed on the track, stepping down to the 1500m distance at a professional race in Germany and setting a new personal-best time by about a second. The USA runner in the race, Craig Engels, was Parsons’ roommate during his freshman year at N.C. State. Parsons has had quite a successful year on the track (see related stories below the photo). Click on the photo below to launch the video.

photo of Sam Parsons being introduced in Berlin

> Parsons finishes 6th in European Championships
> Parsons 15th best at World Championships in Eugene, Ore.
> Parsons first to break the 4-minute-mile barrier in Delaware

Parsons 6th in Euro 5000m championship


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photo of Sam on the starting line
Parsons on the line and ready to roll

Though he’s only half German, CRR Sam Parsons, son of CRR George Parsons and CRR Christina Parsons of Newark, was Germany’s gem in the 5000m race at the European Championships in Münich on August 16.

photo of top 6 finishing times

Finishing 6th out of the 25 competitors from all over Europe, Parsons, who clocked in at 13:30:38, bested his last month’s World Championship finishing time by 15 seconds. Unfortunately, as in the 5000m at the Worlds in Eugene, Ore., he couldn’t hang late with Jakob Ingebrigsten of Norway, who took the European title as well.

photo of Parsons finishing
Parsons finishing 6th

In the stands and cheering on his son during the evening’s race was German-born and -raised Christina, a good local runner in her own right.

photo of Christina Parsons
Parsons’ mom Christina (in white hat) cheering on her son

This race capped a successful running season for Parsons, who trains professionally with Boulder, Colo.–based Tinman Elite. In high school he had run for The Tatnall School in Wilmington prior to a stellar collegiate running career at North Carolina State.

> Check out the video of the race with Parsons sightings as indicated below (times approximate).
5:00 – Sam looking around mid-race, taking it all in, enjoying himself
9:58 – more Sam
12:40 – Sam moving up on the outside
12:55-13:01 – Sam and Jakob Ingebrigsten running together
15:20 – Sam hitting the bell lap in 6th place
16:17 – Sam finishing
18:09 – Christina cheering

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