Reindeer stampede


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Three Creek Road Runners fared particularly well in the annual Reindeer Run & Romp 5K in Newark on Friday night, part of Newark’s Winterfest community event.

photo of Bill Farquharphoto of Bill RoseFifty-year-old CRR Bill Farquhar led the way, finishing 7th overall out of 1,049 participants and winning the Masters category in a sparkling 17:35. Let’s just call him CRR’s “Rudolph.” Finishing 33rd overall and winning the 55-59 age group was CRR Bill Rose in 20:15.

Coming off a long running layoff due to a foot injury, CRR Diane Kukich got back in the groove by easily winning her age group (65-69) in 25:22.

CRR Theresa Kauffman was also a notable, having placed third in the 55-59 age group with a 27:04.


MS runners were no turkeys


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Four Creek Road Runners took age-group awards on Thanksgiving, during the annual MS Run 10K and 5K races.

In the 10K, CRR Doug Repetti ran a 50:34, finishing 136th out of 653 runners, and placing second among the 65-69s.

photo of Bruce Weberphoto of Ann JornlinIn the 5K, two CRRs won their respective age groups. CRR Bruce Weber continued his 5K dominance, winning the 55-59s in 19:17. He placed 20th out of 1,481 runners. CRR Ann Jornlin, who has made this an annual event for her and her family, won the 65-69s in 28:15.

CRR Mary Braun held up her end in the 55-59s, picking up a 3rd place finish in 27:13 in the 5K.

Beau Biden Foundation 5K


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This past Sunday saw folks come out to support the efforts of the Beau Biden Foundation in its 5K Run for Child Protection.

photo of Bruce WeberCRR Bruce Weber placed 6th overall out of 380 participants, bringing it with a 19:11 and taking a win in his age group (50-59). Another Bruce, CRR Bruce Hubbard, coming back from last year’s serious heart and lung surgery, ran a 34:13 to take second in the 70-79 age group. His wife, CRR April Anderson, won the 70-and-overs with a 37:58.

Philly 8K and Marathon results


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A few notables among the crew competed in Philadelphia this weekend, two in the Rothman 8K (metric 5 miler) and two in the Philadelphia Marathon.

photo of Bill FarquharIn the 8K, CRR Bill Farquhar, running his first big race at age 50, finished 97th out of 3,264 runners and won the 50-54 age group in a brilliant 29:32.

photo of Keith CrispinCRR Keith Crispin was not too far behind, placing fourth in the same age group in a 32:48.

photo of Andrew WeberIn the ultra-windy Philly Marathon, CRR Andrew Weber clocked in at 3:27:39, placing 1,000th overall out of 7,761 participants.

photo of Flora PoindexterAn honorable mention goes to one of the newest of our crew, CRR Flora Poindexter, who completed her 26.2-mile journey in 6:09:01. This was her first marathon.

And in a weekend of sheer back-to-back craziness, Dimitri Kaliakin, 22-year-old son of CRR Vic Kaliakin, did the “Liberty Bell Challenge,” running the Philly half marathon on Saturday in 1:23:03 and the full marathon on Sunday in 3:02:10, each a personal best time. Oh, to be young again.

Congratulations to one and all!

Repetti doubles his turkey pleasure


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photo of Doug RepettiThe 45th annual Turkey Trot races in Newark saw Creek Road Runners garner four first place age-group awards; CRR Doug Repetti earned half of them, winning the 65-69 age group in both the 10K (50:34) and the 5K (24:30).

photo of Steve TagueCRR Steve Tague led the way in the 10K with a 46:25, placing 31st out of 176 finishers. At press time, there was no way of knowing how he did in his age group, because it seems that didn’t get recorded. Hmmm. Don’t want anyone to know how old you are, eh? We get it. Of course, there were other notables who are not that young anymore too.

CRR Theresa Kauffman captured 2nd among the 55-59s in the 10K with a 53:58, while CRR Julie Brewer turned in a 1:01:16.

photo of Mark DeshonIn the 5K, CRR Mark Deshon ran his best 5K time of the year, winning the 60-64s and placing 12th overall out of 444 finishers, with a 21:02. This race completed a “run” of 4-for-4 age-group wins in local races for Deshon in 2017. CRR Mary Braun finished 3rd among the 55-59s in 27:58. Multiple-state-record-holder CRR Bob Taggart placed 2nd in the 75-and-over age group in 31:10.

photo of April AndersonThe fourth and final win on the day was CRR April Anderson’s, as she took the 5K’s 70-74 age group in 37:52.