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photo of Andrew Weber
photo of Bill Rose and Bruce Weber with YoUDee
Celebrating with YoUDee are 60-69 age-group awardees (on the right) Bill Rose and Bruce Weber.
photo of Bruce Weber

Once again, the CRR duo of unrelated Webers shone in a local race. In the annual UD Homecoming 5K, CRR Andrew Weber and CRR Bruce Weber both finished in the top six, the aforementioned (Andrew) winning the race outright in a stellar 17:19 and the latter (Bruce) placing 6th and winning the 60-69 age group in 19:19. Bruce’s age grade of 82.9 (which is considered “national class”) for this race was the highest of all the participants.

photo of Susan Barton
photo of Bill Rose

Triathlete CRR Sue Barton won the 60-69 women’s division in 35:29. CRR Bill Rose finished second in the men’s 60-69s, placing 20th overall in 21:12.