Creek-Roadus interruptus


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photo of downed tree

downed tree from the north showing road damage

photo of downed tree

downed tree approaching from the south

A huge tree (at least three feet in diameter) came crashing down recently in the section of Creek Road a short distance north of the auto barriers, pulling with its root structure half the side of a hill and landing across Creek Road and into White Clay Creek. So heavy was the tree that even the pavement couldn’t stop it from splitting the road surface in two (click on photos for better view).

photo of downed tree

looking south at tree across road, 150 yards north of large downed tree

If that weren’t bad enough, at least two more trees came down in last night’s severe storm, one blocking Creek Road, about 150 yards north of the aforementioned behemoth, and a big debris field of about 10 yards in length along the unpaved portion of the Pomeroy Trail between the two bridges north of the Laird Campus spur.

photo of downed tree limbs

debris looking south along Pomeroy trail

photo of downed tree limbs

Pomeroy Trail blocked by downed tree limbs

One can avoid these by 1) taking Creek Road all the way past the S-curve, like we used to do before the Pomeroy Trail was completed, and 2) take the trail and bridge to the east side of the Creek north to avoid the other two blockages.

cautionOf course, if you just have to see the damage close up, please exercise caution.

Hike becomes impromptu reunion


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photo of Tri-State MarkerSaturday was National Trails Day and a rather special day in this area. Hikers came from three states (Md., Pa., and Del.) to officially open a new trail in nearby White Clay Creek Preserve in Pennsylvania and to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the original placement of a wooden post (at the location of the stone that is called the “Tri-State Marker”) by surveyors Mason and Dixon in 1765 at the behest of William Penn to mark the northeastern corner of Maryland and its northern and (then) eastern border with Pennsylvania.

photo of Bob Bennett, Steve Cottrell, and Mark DeshonIt also became an impromptu runners reunion for CRR Bob Bennett (left) and CRR Mark Deshon (right), who had hiked together, and old friend and racing nemesis CRR Steve Cottrell (center), whom they met at the ceremony for the Tri-State Marker.

Cottrell, who was there with his border collie, says he no longer races but does still run. He looked to be in good shape. Deshon had not seen him for nearly 25 years, and for Bennett it may have been longer.

Steve also asked if CRR Bob Taggart was still around and said, “Ask him about our trip back from [the] Boston [Marathon back in the late 80s].” Apparently it was quite an adventure, one which also included CRR Martin Wolfer.

photo of Bob Bennett at the Arc Corner MonumentOn the way back, Bennett and Deshon stopped off for a photo at the Arc Corner Monument in White Clay Creek State Park, just about a kilometer due east of the Tri-State Marker, where the westernmost point of the unique radial-line border of Delaware and Pennsylvania begins.

During the 80s, the two had spent many a run in White Clay Creek State Park dashing down the steep hill that finds this stone at its base.

All in all, it was a great day to celebrate longtime friendships.

Creek Road Runners take awards on home course


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It was a picture-perfect day for a race on Creek Road, and the Creek Road Runners did not disappoint, taking home three 1st place, three 2nd place, and one 3rd place among the age-group awards handed out on Sunday morning at the Blue Hen 5K.

photo of Bill RoseLeading the way and crossing the line 4th overall out of 256 finishers was CRR Bill Rose. Rose weaved his way through many a runner over the course to finish where he did, having run an even 20:00. Creek Road Runners owned the 50-59 age group; Rose won and was joined by 2nd place finisher CRR Mark Deshon (21:08) and 3rd place finisher CRR Cole Galloway (21:12), whose son, Nathan, came in second overall with a tidy 18:23.

Passing several runners along the way, CRR Dan Weile turned in a good performance and earned a 2nd place among the 40-49s in 20:55. Deshon just couldn’t stay in contact with him for the second half of the race.

kukich2photo of Julie BrewerDespite her admission that the hill at the end “beat [her] up,” CRR Diane Kukich won the 60-69 age group in a time of 25:03. Not to be outdone by her own peers, CRR Julie Brewer was the other female age-group (50-59) winner on the day in 27:33.

CRR John Bishop also deserves a nod for his 2nd place finish among the 70-and-overs in 43:11, even though he’d probably be the first to admit that there were very few in that age group.

Blue Hen 5K this Sunday morning


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photo of Bill Rose and Mark Deshon with YoUDee

CRR Bill Rose and CRR Mark Deshon share a podium moment with YoUDee in 2013.

Part of the “Delabration” Alumni Weekend activities at the University of Delaware, this 5K features Creek Road in a fast out-and-back race that starts and finishes on the Laird (north) Campus and incorporates part of the Pomeroy Trail on the way out and on the way back.

Come out and run on your “home course” this Sunday, June 7. Race start is 9:30 a.m.

Details and registration

B+ 5K Fighting Childhood Cancer, June 17


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Leon's Team 5K shirt logoIf you are looking for a feel-good, mid-week run in June, please consider the 9th Annual B+ 5K Fighting Childhood Cancer on Wednesday, June 17th, at Salesianum School, 1801 N. Broom St. in Wilmington. Registration starts at 5 p.m. The race starts at 6:45 p.m. This is a family-friendly event with runners and walkers of all ages welcome. Plenty of free food. Extra cheers for cancer survivors.

Register online.

Please also consider joining Leon’s Team, if you plan to run. Leon Huhn is the son of CRR Julie Brewer and a pediatric cancer survivor. He finished treatment earlier this year and hopes to take part in the festivities on June 17th.


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