Crimson flash


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photo of Bruce Weber on the track

CRR Bruce Weber

OK, so the photographer may have not had the proper setting. Or, more likely, CRR Bruce Weber was just going too darn fast to prevent image blurring. Let’s just say it was a case of the “Crimson flash.”

Along with other speedsters, Weber (Harvard class of 1984, you do the math) competed in Cambridge, Mass., yesterday in the 2105 Ivy League Alumni Mile Run, coming in eighth overall in a time of 5:35.63. Weber was the oldest runner to finish in the top ten (note: four of the top five runners were under 25 years old).

Weber had been seen recently on the upper-level “track” at Carpenter Sports Building doing straightaway pick-ups. Guess it paid off.

Trying to live up to his bib number


photo of Paul Amer and friend“I was pretty happy; it was the best 5K time I had run in over 20 years,” CRR Paul Amer gushed, after having placed third in his age group (60-64) at the Run the the Plunge 5K in Rehoboth Beach recently. Amer turned in a 26:14 and now has his sights set on the Caesar Rodney Half Marathon next month.

Shown here in the photo with a friend, Amer (bib #1) says, with tongue in cheek, “I haven’t been so highly seeded ever!”

Waxing philosophical about this recent accomplishment, Amer adds, “It pays not to have an impressive history. Then 26+ minutes makes you happy.”

Those of us who are getting up there in years would do well to look for these kind of silver linings!

Kukich, Ridge get press for National Club XC efforts


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photo of Diane KukichridgeKevin Tresolini, a (Wilmington, Del.) News Journal sportswriter, recently wrote a piece on the USATF 2014 XC Club Nationals races that were held in December. Among those singled out for outstanding achievement were CRR Diane Kukich and CRR Doug Ridge.

Kukich placed 9th nationally among her 60-64 peers, and Ridge placed 10th among the 70-and-over men. See original post.

See article.

16th annual run sees another record turnout


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Despite below-freezing temperatures, 24 hearty souls and one ready-for-a-long-run canine came out to participate in the 16th annual “Wring Out the Old, Ring in the New” trail run at the Fair Hill Natural Resource Management Area’s Black Bridge Road parking lot on the last day of 2014.

This year was highlighted by, count ’em, 11 women—coming out in force to share this unique New Year’s Eve day experience for themselves—and a special appearance by self-appointed CEO CRR Matt Robinson. Special thanks to photographer Doug Baker, husband of CRR Diane Kukich, for taking so many good photos (sorry we only had room for a few).

> See full story

photo of participants in the 16th Annual “Wring Out the Old, Ring in the New” trail run

front row: Toby the dog, Kathy Corbitt (the “two”), Patrick Robinson, Rachel Strickland, Lawson Schultz (the “zero”), Christine Schultz, Diane Kukich, Bill Rose (the “one”), Bob Bennett, Becky George, and Mark Deshon; back row: Thomas Schumacher, Katie Holden, Dave Schultz, Mike Shay, Bob Opila, Jordan Deshon, Vic Kaliakin, Bruce Hubbard, Charlie Riordan, Beverly Jackey, Sue Barton, Emily Barton, Deanna Pillarelli, and Matt Robinson (the “five”)

Kukich takes age-group 9th in nationals, Ridge places 10th at age 70


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photo of Diane Kukich courtesy of Doug Baker

CRR Diane Kukich at XC Club Nationals

Though she’s not a runner who takes well to cross country, CRR Diane Kukich is one who typically takes on a challenge, particularly if she sees in it a unique opportunity. Such was the case as she, CRR Keith CrispinCRR Theresa Cannon, and CRR Doug Ridge competed in the USATF 2014 XC Club Nationals at Lehigh University on Saturday. So close to home that Kukich just had to do it.

Kukich finished an impressive 9th in her age group (60-64) with a 29:16 over the women’s 6,000m course. Cannon just broke the 30-minute barrier, finishing in 29:59, placing 48th among the 50-54s.

Crispin covered the men’s 10K course in a very respectable 39:46. Not bad for a 47-year-old.

ridgeA rather new septuagenarian, Ridge finished 10th among his 70-and-over peers in 52:54. Here’s how Ridge described the experience:

“XC & track may be the only sports where Olympians and 70-year-old amateurs compete in the same event. It is exciting just to be part of it. I enjoyed meeting my teammates and sensing the excitement of the field of runners from so many clubs and so many places. I hadn’t run in spikes in 50 years—since I was on Harvard’s freshman cross-country team. I have seldom run competitively on a course with such a history. It is a great memory to have.”

Each ran for the Pike Creek Valley Running Club.


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