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photo of Diane Kukich outside Carpenter Sports BuildingSo, it’s been relatively silent here at CreekRoadRunners.org since the Covid-19 pandemic gripped our region and the world. However, that doesn’t mean that runners have not found ways to adapt and stay in shape and, yes, even “compete” (For example, see the previous story, posted three months ago.)

Such is the case with CRR Diane Kukich, the Newark woman with the still-intact streak of more than 10,000 consecutive days of workouts, dating back some 30 years. So, it figures that, while not a fanatic racer, she would design ways to push herself and compete (against the clock) as one of the top masters females in the area.

photo of Diane Kukich's Crushing the Pandemic plaque and ribbonEnter the Crush the Pandemic competition, organized by Tri-Sports Charitable Events. The competition involved ten 5Ks, all self-timed. Perfect for Kukich, who simply pushed herself while working this into her fitness routine.

And, voila! Kukich took home (er, was mailed) hardware for winning the female masters category with the fastest cumulative time (4:25:27) for her series of 5K runs. That equates to a 26:33 average per 5K—not bad for anyone, let alone someone in the 65-69 age bracket.

Such a unique concept and award. Hopefully, we won’t have to see such a thing become the norm.

Stay healthy, and keep running.