macklerphoto of votive candleOn Wednesday, November 13, CRR Scott Mackler succumbed to ALS (“Lou Gehrig’s Disease”) here in Newark at age 55 after a courageous and inspiring 15-year battle with the disease. Mackler, a physician and neuroscientist at the University of Pennsylvania, was featured nationally for continuing his research well after ALS had robbed him of all but his brain function. A veteran of both the New York City and Boston marathons, Mackler had a real love for running. Since his diagnosis, the Scott Mackler 5K, held annually here in Newark, has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars toward ALS research. Mackler was always present at those races in his wheelchair, no doubt smiling proudly on the inside.

CRR Mark Deshon remembers the last time he and CRR Bob Bennett ran with Mackler, just a year or two before the onset of his disease. “It was a pristine winter day, and Scott liked running trails, so we ran at Fair Hill,” Deshon said. “The feeling of peace from a long morning run on snow-covered ground in the cold weather with friends who appreciate running was wonderful that day. When I think of Scott, I’ll always remember the beauty of that run with him.”

Creek Road Runners extend our condolences to his wife, CRR Lynn Snyder-Mackler, and family.

Mackler obituary