USA Duathlon/Triathlon 2013 National Championship graphicCRR Dan Simmons is not one to toot his own horn, so someone has to do it for him. On October 26th, Simmons competed in the USA National Duathlon Championship in Tucson, Ariz., placing 4th among the 65-69 men and 233rd out of the 383 finishers. He was one of just three competitors from Delaware.

photo collage of Dan Simmons at Nat’l Championship in 2013

CRR Dan Simmons at the 2013 National Duathlon Championship

Though he admits he wish he had done better in the 5K run, 35K bike, 5K run event (rather than deal with the expensive logistics of shipping his own bicycle out west, he rented a bicycle that didn’t fit him very well), Simmons posted a time of 2:00:12 (splits of 21:45, 1:10:39, and 25:02 for the stages plus 2:36 of transition time). This placed him behind only age-group adversaries from Brookfield, Wis., Blue Bell, Pa., and El Sobrante, Calif.

This finish earned Simmons an invitation to the World Duathlon Championship in Pontevedra, Spain, in May. He hasn’t decided yet if he’ll go or not. It’s a long transatlantic swim and his least favorite of the multi-sport “legs.”