photo of CRR Ice Bucket ChallengeOn Friday, CRR Steve Goodwin put out a call for a few Creek Road Runners to participate with him in the Ice Bucket Challenge, an individual charity event to support ALS research that has become viral. Each person challenges another person to do the same and/or donate to ALS.

Four others—CRR Becky George, CRR Anja Leefeldt, CRR Mark Deshon, and CRR George Hadjipanayis—answered the call and took the challenge with him on Friday, August 15, at Carpenter Sports Building after a nice run of somewhere in the neighborhood of 4.5 miles, which included the Pomeroy and Hall Trails. See video on Facebook.

This was done in memory of CRR Scott Mackler, who died of ALS. See post. Don’t feel like dumping ice water on your head but want to help those who are struggling with this disease? See info about ALS Philadelphia Chapter Scott Mackler Assistive Technology.