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photo of Steve Tague as a cyclist

OK, so headlines can be deceiving.

Even so, on August 6th Newark’s CRR Steve Tague placed 15th among his 158 age-group (60-64) competitors in the Olympic-distance triathlon at the U.S. Triathlon Nationals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. That’s top ten percent!

The second of four Delaware finishers, Tague completed the .75K-swim, 40K-bike, 10K-run event in 2:23:43, placing 460th out of 2,737 overall and 360th among 1,521 men.

Tague’s swim time was 23:57, his bike time was 1:06:53, and his run time was 49:04. Transitions in between each were 2:28 and 1:21, respectively.

Having improved three positions from his 18th place in his previous attempt at nationals, he is confident that he can do better next year.