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Age-grading for us seniors is the big playing-field leveler and often reveals some important clues as to how well some Creek Road Runners are still racing.

On the Saturday before Christmas, at the local White Claw-mas 8K (close metric equivalent to a 5-mile run), there were two standouts among our contingent.

photo of Bruce WeberCRR Bruce Weber and CRR Diane Kukich placed first and second overall (out of 609 runners), respectively, in terms of age grading (scoring based on one’s time relative to the world record at that distance for one’s age). Weber scored an 82.5, and Kukich was close behind with 82.3. That, folks, is what is considered “National Class” (anything in the 80s). The two have been racing consistently with results like this for several years. There was only one other racer at this event who had an age-grading score in this range.

In terms of time, the 58-year-old Weber, a track runner at heart, placed 7th overall and won his 10-year age group in 31:05. The 67-year-old Kukich placed 123rd and took second among her respective age-group peers in 41:10.