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2014 Boston Marathon logoPatriots’ Day in Boston brought out the best in some 36,000 runners and many more spectators, as the 119th Boston Marathon went off without incident yesterday.

photo of Keith Crispinphoto of Jay CoughenourAmong the runners were CRR Jay Coughenour, who finished 1,841st overall and 117th in the 45-49 age group with a 3:00:42, and CRR Keith Crispin, who finished in 3:11:29, good for 4,315th overall. The weather was a bit warmer than desirable, and most everyone paid the price. From start to finish, Coughenour felt that he was participating in something far more than just another road race. This is what he had to say about his experience in the Boston Marathon:

“The highlight was the AMAZING crowds! I’d never experienced anything like the size of these crowds, which really stretched [along] the entire route. [In] every town we passed, [there] seemed to be at least 12 people deep on the road sides cheering everyone forward. I don’t know where they got the energy to keep clapping and cheering the runners, but I really appreciated it, especially later in the race when my legs and mind were pretty beat-up.

For me, my slowest 5K occurred on the downhills into Boston at the end of the race. That is OK, though, as it gave me more time to savor the moment. I’m not sure my body and temperament is well suited for marathoning, but I’m very happy to have crossed Boston off my bucket-list! Amazing experience, and the best part was reuniting with my family at the finish!”

Coughenour’s chip time was 2:57:24, which also made him happy, because he had met his sub-3-hour time goal.

On behalf of all Creek Road Runners, congratulations to each of you for this accomplishment and for celebrating the spirit of the Boston Marathon.