photo of Ann Jornlin and Gail Seitz

CRR Ann Jornlin and CRR Gail Seitz

Whether for triathloning, cross-training, the thrill of going faster, or simply taking better care of worn-out knees, sooner or later many of us runners consider taking up bicycling. The biking bug definitely caught two Creek Road Runners in particular, both of whom are avid cyclists.

In an effort to raise money for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware in memory of area triathlete Mike Clark, CRR Ann Jornlin and CRR Gail Seitz spent 50 days this past summer trekking by bike from Portland, Ore., to Portsmouth, N.H., with a group of cyclists from the U.S. and elsewhere through the organization America by Bicycle.

They blogged daily during the trip; their blog gives great insight into their personal experiences and the beauty of this country as seen atop a skinny leather cushion on a seatpost.

Jornlin and Seitz raised nearly $80,000 for the Mike Clark Legacy Foundation, the primary beneficiary of which is the Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware. Well done times two!