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photo of Dan Simmons

CRR Dan Simmons

Nine Creek Road Runners successfully completed the inaugural Top of Delaware™ Triathlon yesterday at the Newark Reservoir.  The course featured a triangular quarter-mile swim course in the reservoir, a tough 11.4-mile bike loop on Newark-area roads, and a uniquely challenging 2.6-mile run that started at the foot of the reservoir, included portions of the reservoir and William Redd Park trails, and came back down to the foot of the reservoir before finishing with a nasty 50-yard incline straight up the steep side of the reservoir.

photo of Jennifer Pyle

CRR Jennifer Pyle

CRR Dan Simmons (65-69) and CRR Jennifer Pyle (55-59) took the spotlight, as each won his/her age division, Simmons finishing in 1:22:57 and Pyle in 1:26:49.  Simmons, who is experienced in duathlons, hasn’t had experience as a competitive swimmer, so he was very glad to get that portion of the competition behind him.

CRR Rich Braun took second place among the 50-54s in a time of 1:21:02, finishing 99th overall out of the 317 finishers and tops among the Creek Road Runners.  Braun has recently come back into shape after having suffered a nasty biking accident.  When asked how the swim went, he said, “I couldn’t see much, and the water didn’t taste good.”

photo of Rich Braun

CRR Rich Braun

Other finishers included CRR Theresa Kauffman (50-54; 1:21:18), CRR Ryan German (35-39: 1:22:20), CRR John Sarmousakis (50-54; 1:24:41), CRR Mary Braun (50-54; 1:30:40), CRR Becky George (50-54; 1:32:11), and CRR Bruce Hubbard (65-69; 1:37:50).

It looks like the Top of Delaware™ Triathlon will become an annual event on the triathlon circuit.  It also seems like all the participants had fun and welcomed the challenge….  At least that’s what the impression was after it was all over!