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Well, the news story video centered on 70-year-old Guy DeLillio and his friend Jack Garniewski, Salesianum class of 1971 alumni who ran in this year’s Penn Relays as part of the Delaware Running Club masters 400m relay team. But, our own CRR Bill Rose (center in the photo), who is nearing 65, was also on the team that competed and appears in the video.

photo of 2023 Delaware Running Club relay team

Here’s an excerpt of how Rose described his experience at this hallowed meet.

We were 6th out of 6 teams that finished [out of the] 10 teams registered. Two teams did not start (not surprising for 60+ teams).  One team was DQd for false start, and one team was DNF due to a fall. We did it in 68+ seconds. Our goal, which we claimed when we registered, was 68-72 seconds. We are happy and proud to have competed and finished.

Our sprint speed, if sustained, would equal a 14:10 5K—about a minute slower than Sam Parsons’ pace. [World best marathoner] Eliud Kipchoge runs 14:20 pace for a whole marathon. So I could keep up with [Kipchoge] for 100 meters, if I do a max sprint.

Anyone who has seen Rose train knows that he starts his training runs fast (seemingly close to “max sprint”) and keeps it going.