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Our two Webers (no relation), CRR Andrew Weber and CRR Bruce Weber each ended up with a top-ten finish in this year’s edition of Newark’s annual Main Street Mile, a straight-out dash from the east end of East Main Street to the Deer Park.

photo of Andrew Weber
photo of Bruce Weber

Andrew, the younger and faster Weber, was the top masters runner, finishing 5th overall in 5:07.5. Bruce, the elder Weber, came in 10th overall and won the 60-69 age group in 5:37.4. Conditions may not have been the best for these two speedsters, but they came through nevertheless.

photo of CRR results of 1986 Main Street Mile

For you nostalgia freaks, check out the results of the initial Main Street Mile, held way back in 1986. Yes, several Creek Road Runners were doing their thing back then, and the competition level was of a higher caliber than what it is today, though there are definitely more people who are running in 2022. Click on the image for a close-up view and note the results from the eight CRR participants.

We were all younger and faster back then.

photo of Bill Rose

In another event, held back on September 18, CRR Bruce Weber and CRR Bill Rose finished 7th and 11th overall, respectively, in the Ramsey’s Farm 8.3-mile trail race. Weber’s time was 1:04:56, and Rose’s was 1:11.37. They took 1st and 2nd in the 60-69 age group.