In an unusual juxtaposition, winter brought two Creek Road Runners with the same last name side by side for an indoor treadmill workout at the Carpenter Sports Building (a.k.a. the Little Bob) on the University of Delaware campus last Thursday. CRR Bruce Weber and CRR Andrew Weber (no relation) were seen going toe-to-toe, stride-for-stride.

photo of Bruce Weber and Andrew Weber

Bruce Weber and Andrew Weber working out indoors

This was somewhat unusual because the two are almost never competing in the same race. While both are fast and continue to win their respective age groups locally, the elder Weber is a track guy who specializes in the shorter-distance races (still doing 5Ks in the 19-minute range), while the younger Weber likes and excels at distances over 10K. Each has participated in winning races at the Delaware Marathon Festival recently, Andrew winning the 2018 Delaware Half-Marathon and Bruce running a leg on Creek Road Runners winning relay teams in both 2018 and 2019.

So, who won this treadmill dual? Depends on which Weber you ask.