photo of Doug White

photo of Doug White by Lee Kauffman

Though not officially a Creek Road Runner, area running icon Doug White had no doubt put in several trips up and down our hallowed home course. White, who is a veteran of more than 80 marathons, including 43 consecutive Boston Marathons, died yesterday of a brain hemorrhage he suffered on Monday.

Creek Road Runners co-founders CRR Bob Bennett and CRR Mark Deshon remember those heady days in the 80s when competition with Doug White in local races was fierce but friendly. Bennett recalls the 1980 Turkey Trot 10K in Newark, when he passed both White and Deshon on the final straightaway for his 34:01 PR on that course at age 39, the only time he ever bested White. Deshon fondly remembers shadowing White along Montchanin Road at age 29 during the 1986 Caesar Rodney Half Marathon, on his way to a 1:15:02 time on the old course. White was a long-term member of the Pike Creek Valley Running Club and a 2011 inductee of the Delaware Sports Hall of Fame.

photo of votive candleSee story in the News Journal for wonderful bio and funeral information.

We pay tribute here to a great runner and a wonderful Delaware ambassador for running. May he rest in peace and his family gain solace from the outpouring of love from the Delaware running community.