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photo of downed tree

downed tree from the north showing road damage

photo of downed tree

downed tree approaching from the south

A huge tree (at least three feet in diameter) came crashing down recently in the section of Creek Road a short distance north of the auto barriers, pulling with its root structure half the side of a hill and landing across Creek Road and into White Clay Creek. So heavy was the tree that even the pavement couldn’t stop it from splitting the road surface in two (click on photos for better view).

photo of downed tree

looking south at tree across road, 150 yards north of large downed tree

If that weren’t bad enough, at least two more trees came down in last night’s severe storm, one blocking Creek Road, about 150 yards north of the aforementioned behemoth, and a big debris field of about 10 yards in length along the unpaved portion of the Pomeroy Trail between the two bridges north of the Laird Campus spur.

photo of downed tree limbs

debris looking south along Pomeroy trail

photo of downed tree limbs

Pomeroy Trail blocked by downed tree limbs

One can avoid these by 1) taking Creek Road all the way past the S-curve, like we used to do before the Pomeroy Trail was completed, and 2) take the trail and bridge to the east side of the Creek north to avoid the other two blockages.

cautionOf course, if you just have to see the damage close up, please exercise caution.