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photo of Matt RobinsonSelf-proclaimed, self-appointed Creek Road Runners CEO CRR Matt Robinson publicly called out several of his peers in an opinion piece in the Wilmington News Journal’s Saturday edition.

The article itself was interesting enough and then suddenly took a turn for the comic tongue-in-cheek.

Robinson writes, “If my runs were about inspection, I know I would be outrunning my fellow runners Charlie [CRR Charlie Riordan], Mark [CRR Mark Deshon], Steve [CRR Steve Goodwin], Paul A. [CRR Paul Amer] and Tom [CRR Tom Reed], and I know I could find better golfers than Avron [CRR Avron Abraham], Ian and Paul P. [CRR Paul Pusecker], but I enjoy the time away from inspection and distraction. I’d rather focus on thoughts and great ideas that have surfaced during one of those runs, or the good laughs and insightful conversations I have had with my running group and golfing buddies.”

Trying to impugn someone’s golf game is one thing, but, inspection or no inspection, Robinson has now thrown down the gauntlet for the aforementioned runners.

Read the entire article, which is actually pretty good, though maybe our CEO could be spending less time musing and more time on Creek Road.