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photo of Matt Robinson with donuts

An exhausted CRR Matt Robinson poses for the press, having just received the sponsor’s top award for winning the race.

Happy Thanksgiving to Creek Road Runners near and far. Here is a late-breaking result….

Self-proclaimed Creek Road Runners CEO CRR Matt Robinson won the “Entenmann’s Adams Run Development Turkey Trot.”

Robinson held off a stiff challenge from nine-year-old Maggie Robinson and 11-year-old Patrick Robinson. Matt gloats, “The Robinson family strategy [was] whoever beats dad does not get a donut. This was a more humane strategy than last year, when I pushed daughter Maggie into the neighbors’ hedge in the final 30 yards of the race.”

Here’s hoping that the elder Robinson will “compete” in this year’s “Wring Out the Old, Ring in the New” trail run at Fair Hill, held annually on December 31. The rest of the assembled field will be counting on him for some more levity.