photo of Simmons receiving his age-group award

CRR Dan Simmons posing for post-race photo

CRR Dan Simmons began chipping away at CRR Bob Taggart’s stranglehold on the men’s list of Creek Road Runner state record holders by blowing by Taggart’s five-year-old half-marathon record of 1:37:52 in the 65-69 age group with a 1:36:43* in Saturday’s Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon. In winning his age group, Simmons came in 53rd overall out of 857 finishers. In breaking this record, he also virtually broke the state record for the 20km distance, also previously held by Taggart. Simmons is a biology professor at the University of Delaware and is also a member of the Pike Creek Valley Running Club.

Congratulations, Dan!

*tag time, which was the official time listed