David Brond and Charlie Riordan

CRR David Brond keeps pace with CRR Charlie Riordan.

On Tuesday, we bid adieu to CRR David Brond, as he will be doing his running down in Georgia soon. Scheduled was a fun social run, and David liked it so much that he led the group on a five-mile loop in the oppressive heat and humidity.

Most survived well enough, though the distance split up the field considerably. Several opted not to do the entire distance (they know who they are) but were probably better off, considering the conditions.

We’ll miss David, particularly on the New Year’s Eve Day Trail Run in Fair Hill, which he liked, but wish him all the best in his new job and running environment. Good thing he’s accustomed to heat and humidity.

Brond Farewell group heads up Creek Road

The group heads up Creek Road just past the “S” curve.

the Brond Farewell group

Ten Creek Road Runners showed up to run with CRR David Brond (center).