12 runners, 2 dogs all over the course

“Wring Out the Old, Ring in the New” began inauspiciously 20 years ago on Dec. 31. The 21st running was an interesting one in that there were several ideas of how to run the course among the 12 participants (and two canine entrants).

photo of 2019 group

The 2019 edition included Luke Nigro, Dan Weile, Vic Kaliakin, Christine Schultz (with Dakota and Bandit), Bill Rose, Mark Deshon (half of the 2020), Amy Shay (the other half of the 2020), Bob Opila, Dave Schultz (in red), Bruce Hubbard, Michael Chajes, and Ben Schultz.

Mild conditions and plenty of refreshments made for a fun morning

graphic of course with misdirectionsYep, the run this year had an uncanny resemblance to the 2016 edition, though. Being led by a Bandit (literally, the dog’s name), run leaders CRR Dan Weile, CRR Dave Schultz, and son, CRR Ben Schultz, missed the critical right turn well into the third mile on the course. As a result, they finished early, and decided to run the course in the other direction to make up some of the ground they missed (minus the big hill, of course).

A few—CRR Bruce Hubbard, CRR Christine Schultz (with dog Dakota in tow), and CRR Amy Shay—even took the initial shortcut, turning left at the first bridge and arriving ahead of everyone.

photo of Dan Weile, Dave Schultz, and Bandit

Dan Weile and Dave Schultz finish with Bandit

photo of Mark Deshon finishing

Mark Deshon completes another year’s event

Keeping CRR Mark Deshon company, course newbie CRR Luke Nigro motored up “Monster” (New Meunster) Hill away from Deshon and, when he came to the top of the hill, turned right instead of left. He figured it out, but by then, Deshon was well ahead of him.

photo of Vic Kaliakin finishing

Vic Kaliakin finishes with a salute to the Buffs

photo of Michael Chajes finishing

Mike Chajes at the end of the run

photo of a happy Amy Shay

A happy Amy Shay

Event veteran CRR Vic Kaliakin and course newbie CRR Michael Chajes made no missteps and finished the 4.67-mile course after Nigro and Deshon.

As usual, the field of runners stretched out almost from the start. Event organizer CRR Bill Rose got in some extra recognizance running to drop off car keys with Nigro and to make sure everyone made it back to the parking lot, personally ushering CRR Bob Opila to the line after his having navigated the course.

photo of Luke Nigro, Bill Rose, and Mark Deshon and the refreshments table

Luke Nigro, Bill Rose, and Mark Deshon at the refreshments table (fancy!)

A fun time was had by all. A bigger post-run splash was put on by Rose, who had brought a table and tablecloth along with coffee, cider, hot chocolate, and the requisite donut holes from our “unofficial” sponsor—Dunkin’.

photo of Michael Chajes, Bruce Hubbard, and Bob Opila

Michael Chajes, Bruce Hubbard, and Bob Opila

photo of the Shultzes

the Schultzes (hey, pups, the camera’s over here)

It was great not to have to rush out, since the temps at the end of the run were in the upper 40s with no discernible wind. Everyone stayed and chatted as they cooled down.

photo of Mark Deshon on bike

Bye, bye, 2019

Deshon, who had biked to Fair Hill, then began the final leg of his 13-mile bike-run-bike morning by waving a fond “goodbye” to 2019 as he departed.

If Rose is willing, we can all look ahead to the 22nd annual “Wring Out the Old, Ring in the New” trail run on December 31, 2020, at 9 a.m.

Until then… Happy New Year from Creek Road Runners!

(photos by Amy Shay, Bruce Hubbard, Bill Rose, and Mark Deshon)