photo of Tom Apple, Doug Ridge, and Charlie RiordanSeveral Creek Road Runners gathered on June 5 for a final run on Creek Road with soon to be University of Hawai‘i Chancellor and CRR Tom Apple. This congenial group was the largest contingent of runners to head out at noon from Carpenter Sports Building in some time.

CRR Paul Amer organized this Aloha Apple Run. He says, “Everyone was sincerely sorry to [have to] say goodbye to such a good person, and at the same time proud and happy for Tom in his upcoming newest endeavor.” After the run, Paul was ready with Gatorade for the weary participants at CSB.

Though CRR Mark Deshon couldn’t run, he was able to bike and get a few shots along the way. The photo above clearly shows Tom enjoying the fact that he’s managed to get ahead of both fellow chemistry profs CRR Doug Ridge and CRR Charlie Riordan, a rarity indeed these days.

photo of group approaching the initial downhill

Tom Apple and friends have Creek Road covered on June 5.